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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Rumors

Posted September 14, 2011 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Ali Lohan is the latest celebrity teen to fall under fire in the media for having plastic surgery. This occurred after she stepped out last week with more prominent cheek bones and fuller lips. She then immediately became a topic of conversation.

While there are a number of individuals speculating that a variety of different procedures may be responsible for the teen star's changing facial appearance, weight loss is also a possibility. This is supported by the fact that Ali's figure appears to be slimmer as well. Next Models, that represents Ali also claims that the teen has never had plastic surgery; that she simply appears thinner due to a growth spurt and other physical changes that are common in teens.

Regardless of what is responsible for Ali's change in appearance, the media continues to worry. Plastic surgery for teens under the age of 18 is controversial, and such drastic weight loss is also concerning.

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