Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Partial Abdominoplasty

AbdominoplastyAbdominoplasty in Pearl River, NY is solution to excess skin

Many of us work hard to gain and maintain a flat and well-toned abdomen, through diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, only to find that these methods alone cannot help to achieve our personal goal.

Often times, those who are at a healthy weight and well-proportioned, can have a loose and sagging stomach.
Common causes for this are:

  • Aging
  • Heredity
  • Pregnancy
  • Prior surgery
  • Significant fluctuations in weight

To achieve a firm and toned abdomen, you may consider a “Tummy Tuck” or abdominoplasty or partial abdominoplasty in Pearl River, NY.

What can an abdominoplasty or partial abdominoplasty do for me?

An abdominoplasty removes the excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles, wherever there are pockets of fat or loose skin that diet and exercise could not change. This can greatly help people who have undergone weight loss surgery or women who have lost skin and muscle tone due to pregnancy.

Partial abdominoplasty or a “mini tummy tuck” follows the same procedure, but is achieved with a smaller incision, the skin is lifted to the navel and the navel does not require being moved.

Am I a good candidate for an abdominoplasty or partial abdominoplasty?

The decision to get an abdominoplasty is best made by having a consultation with an expert like Dr. Fiorillo. He will discuss this with you, as it is considered major surgery and a lot of care should be taken when deciding to undergo this procedure.

You should take the time to educate yourself and schedule a consultation as well. Women who have been pregnant, or men and women who have had extreme weight loss and are left with a lot of excess sagging skin, may find abdominoplasty to be their best option.

Ideally, a candidate for partial abdominoplasty is generally within 10% of their ideal body weight. This includes patients who do not have enough excess fat and skin for a full abdominoplasty procedure, yet liposuction is not an option, because there is too much excess fat for that procedure alone. For those with localized fullness in the lower abdomen, the partial tummy tuck is especially effective, because the excess fat and skin can easily be reduced through the smaller incision.

Meet with Dr. Fiorillo to discuss the differences between these two procedures, weigh the benefits and risks of both, so you can make an informed and educated decision about abdominoplasty in Pearl River, NY.

It is important to start with good overall health and realistic expectations for whatever procedure you are choosing. Abdominoplasty, whether full or partial, can significantly improve the appearance of the abdomen, but it cannot be used as a means of major weight loss. Dr. Fiorillo will determine whether or not this procedure will benefit you and if you are a good candidate for it, after a full examination and discussion with you.

What will a tummy tuck or partial tummy tuck not do?

Abdominoplasties are not an adequate means of achieving weight loss or substituting for a good exercise regimen. These procedures cannot correct stretch marks, although they may be removed or improved if they are in the same area of the excess skin removal.

How is a full abdominoplasty performed?

This is considered major surgery, so it is done under sedation.

An incision is made by Dr. Fiorillo, just above the pubic area, then another is made around the navel to free it from the surrounding skin. The skin is detached from the abdominal wall revealing the muscle and fascia.

The muscle and fascia are then tightened with sutures. Liposuction may be used to remove some excess fat and define the area. Then a dressing and sometimes a compression garment are applied, and excess fluid is drained.

How is a partial abdominoplasty performed?

A partial abdominoplasty is considered an outpatient procedure, done under general or local anesthesia with sedation, depending on the amount of fat and skin being removed, as well as depending on the patient’s overall health and preference.

Instead of the hip-to-hip incision needed for a full abdominoplasty, Dr. Fiorillo will create a small incision above the pubic area. There is no need for an incision around the navel. Localized fat is removed and loose muscles are tightened and the skin is lifted up to the navel. Liposuction may be used to help reduce some excess fat in the area. In this procedure the navel stays where it is and does not need to be repositioned.

The incision is sutured closed, and small drains might be inserted to drain fluids that may build up in the area. This procedure usually takes up to one or two hours, which is much shorter than a full abdominoplasty.

What is the recovery from a full abdominoplasty like?

Recovery varies depending on the problem treated, what techniques were implemented and multiple other factors. It can take from one to four weeks to recover. Patients are advised to take at least part of the time off from work and abstain from strenuous activity.

There may be bruising and discomfort during recovery time. Utilizing a compression garment or abdominal binder can minimize swelling and bruising. Full recovery can take up to six months and scars will continue to fade even after full recovery.

What is the recovery from a partial abdominoplasty like?

A partial abdominoplasty takes less time for recovery than a full. Patients return home the same day of the procedure after a few hours of monitoring. Compression garments will be needed to ensure proper healing, these will be worn for two to three weeks. After a week or two, most patients can return to work, but heavy lifting and strenuous activity should be avoided for about a month.

What are the possible risks of a full abdominoplasty?

Dr. Fiorillo gives clear instructions, if these are followed carefully, most of the risks can be avoided. Abdominoplasties are generally considered to be safe procedures. As with all surgery, certain complications can arise which can be avoided by following the instructions. Severe complications may occur rarely, such as blood clots, thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications or infection. Choosing an experienced professional like Dr. Fiorillo can also help to reduce complications.

What are the possible risks of a partial abdominoplasty?

Partial abdominoplasty is also considered safe, but again there are certain risks associated, such as: infection, poor healing and blood clots. By choosing Dr. Fiorillo, who is an expert in abdominoplasty in Pearl River, NY, you can help reduce complications and increase safety and last but not least, following procedures before and after will ensure that most risks can be avoided.

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