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You’ve lost the weight.  You’re feeling good. But, you’re not happy with what the weight loss left behind.  Perhaps it’s excess skin, sagging breasts or simply a case of exercise-resistant fat.  Whatever the issue, take a moment to consider this:  What’s the next step?

If you think cosmetic surgery might be right for you, take a look at these popular plastic surgeries after weight loss:

  • Breast Lift: Like other parts of the body, the breasts can sag following weight loss.  Breast Lift Surgery aims to correct this. During the procedure, we will trim excess skin and tighten supporting tissues to achieve an uplifted, youthful contour.  A breast lift is also a common component of a “mommy makeover.”
  • Body Lift: In cases of extreme weight loss, Body Lift Surgery is a common cosmetic solution.  The goal is to remove excess skin from the torso and upper legs. During the procedure, the skin is lifted, muscles are tightened and fat is removed where necessary.  Although this is an extensive procedure, many patients find it well worth their while.
  • Liposuction: While diet and exercise might be enough for some, others find that they are suffering from persistent, exercise-resistant fat.  In these cases, liposuction can often be the best option.  The procedure uses a special suction tool to permanently remove fat from the abdomen, thighs and many other sites on the body.  Following weight loss, liposuction can be that little boost to help achieve your cosmetic results.

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Just another reason that reaffirms why Dr. Fiorillo created not just a gym but a Wellness & Training Studio

As anyone who reads the news knows, the nation is getting fatter, sadly children are getting more obese and our lifestyles are changing and not necessarily for the better. There is a tendency for a more sedentary lifestyle; with entertainment focusing more on gaming and television and ready meals and convenience fast foods becoming the norm, there seems to be less emphasis on outdoor activities.Perhaps you are one of those people who have tried everything to change their body? Perhaps you wanted to lose weight, get more muscle definition via bodybuilding or indeed need to gain weight. You may well have been on specific diets, had personal trainers and been to bodybuilding classes, but nothing seems to be having the desired effects. It is so frustrating when you eat right and you exercise in the way you are meant to and yet the results you want are just not happening.

There may well be a case then to consider supplements. We are all familiar with the idea of protein powder or shakes that are used as meal replacements and they can be extremely effective if used in the correct way and with advice from health practitioners. A bodybuilding supplement or protein powder can ‘take up the slack’ that may be missing in your current diet and regime.

The choice can be overwhelming with everything for a professional bodybuilder who requires a specific protein powder to an individual who requires weight loss supplements to kick start their programme; so do seek advice. A protein powder is often a popular choice and can be whey proteins or soya proteins; these are often mixed with juice milk or yogurts  or water and can give you a real energy boost. Alternatively we are all familiar with vitamin supplements and these are now common place and even sold in supermarkets. They range from the simple cod liver oil to omega 3 and an enormous variety of vitamin and mineral supplements.

It is also very important, especially if you are interested in bodybuilding, that you buy your supplements from a reliable source; we have all read in the news about the fake pills that are sold on the internet and it is really important that you trust the source, otherwise at the very least you will be wasting your money and at the worst you could be endangering your health.

All these have been proven to add to the daily diet of those who need it and whether you enjoy bodybuilding, weight loss or indeed want to gain weight then do consider having a supplement in your everyday diet to kickstart the new you.

After attending several Anti-Aging conferences, Dr. Fiorillo has put together a  selection of various Supplements and Protein shakes.    After researching tons of companies , Dr. Fiorillo  selected the ones he feels are the very best to be sold at his  Wellness and Training Studio.  Please call the Wellness Center today for a Nutrition Consult  and find out how implementing Supplements and Protein Shakes into your everyday routine can help you achieve your goal.  Call us at 866-537-0954  to find out more.

Effects of Poor Nutrition

Dr Fiorillo’s Wellness Center focuses on helping individuals lead a healthier lifestyle overall. Weight loss is not the only focus, although it is often a reason why individuals choose to enter a program of this type. Nutritional counseling is offered and can benefit all individuals regardless of weight. It is important that all Americans recognize the risks of poor nutrition.

What You Risk with Poor Nutrition

Studies prove that poor nutrition results in serious long-term effects, particularly when the habits are developed in children. However, health issues may occur at any stage of life when poor nutrition is a factor, for example:

  • Issues with bone density - osteoporosis and generally compromised bone integrity is a common problem when individuals are lacking calcium in their diets. Individuals often assume that milk is the only source of calcium, but it is a nutrient present in many other foods as well.
  • Learning problems - poor nutrition can directly impact an individual’s ability to concentrate. Studies also demonstrate that babies with poor nutrition are more likely to struggle cognitively.
  • Anemia – low iron is a common issue when individuals are not consuming enough leafy greens (or other sources of the nutrients). It can lead to fatigue and loss of appetite which furthers the nutritional deficiencies.

These are just a few of the effects of poor nutrition that can be avoided with a healthy diet.

Counseling on Proper Nutrition

Come in for a consultation at our Wellness Center to learn how you can improve your diet.

Risks of Plastic Surgery in the Obese

If you have spoken to a doctor about whether or not you are a candidate for an elective plastic surgery procedure and have been told that you are not due to your weight, you may have felt discriminated against. This is not the reality. Doctors do not choose to operate on you based on appearance – any decision about candidacy is based on your overall health.

The medical profession has been careful about operating on obese individuals for years. More recently, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has provided
ruby-more/a> research that proves there is risk involved with operating on the obese.

Obesity and Surgical Risks

According to the report, individuals who are obese face a risk of complications that are 12 times greater than the average plastic surgery patient. The reasons for this include:

  • Surgeries often take a longer duration to complete which increases the risks
  • Operations are more invasive since the fields are deeper
  • The blood flow in fat tissue is lower in an obese patients

Determining Your Candidacy for Plastic Surgery

It is important that all individuals familiarize themselves with the risks of any procedure before moving forward. If you would like to learn more about your candidacy for a plastic surgery procedure, contact us.

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