Breast Lift Surgery on the Rise, Reports ASPS

Each year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases data on current plastic surgery trends as well as the top cosmetic procedures patients are choosing.  The report also looks at how procedures grow in popularity from year to year.  Recently, the ASPS released their latest data, and many procedures saw incredible growth over the last decade.  Breast Lift Surgery was no exception.

According to the ASPS report, there were over 90,000 breast lift procedures performed in 2011, alone.  Compare that to the 2000 figure, and we see a remarkable 72% growth.  So, why do so many women choose a breast lift every year?  The answer is simple.  It works!

Breasts can sag and droop for several reasons — following weight loss, as a result of breastfeeding or simply as a normal part of the aging process.  Thankfully, breast lift surgery can often be of help.  A breast lift, also known as “mastopexy,” is a procedure aimed at lifting and reshaping the breasts. By trimming excess skin and tightening supporting tissue, we can often achieve an uplifted, more youthful bustline.  But, since a breast lift does not change the size of the breast, many women choose to combine it with a breast augmentation procedure.  Read on to learn more.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

When patients are considering breast augmentation, the questions can seem endless.  Should I choose saline or silicone?  What size is right for me?  How long is the recovery? No matter what questions you’re facing, here’s a brief introduction to the procedure.

Countless women are unsatisfied with the fullness and size of their breasts.  As a result, they may be living with embarrassment and a lack of confidence.  Thankfully, Breast Augmentation Surgery is often the answer.  During the procedure, we use a silicone or saline implant to increase breast fullness and proportion.  As the number-one cosmetic surgery in the US, ask yourself this:  Is it time for me to explore breast enhancement?

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Ask Yourself: Is My Skin Summer Ready?

How are you getting ready for summer? Planning a trip? Buying a new wardrobe? Today, take a moment to consider this: Is your skin ready for summer? Besides being the body’s largest organ, your skin is the part of you the whole world sees. And, there’s no time of year that we’re more on display than these warmer months. It’s no surprise that you’d want to look your best.

Here are a few ways that other patients are freshening up before hitting the beach:

  • HydraFacial™: Our MedSpa now proudly offers HydraFacial™, the cutting-edge “hydradermabrasion” procedure. Think of it as a moisture-rich version of microderm. But, instead of using small rough particles, HydraFacial drenches the skin in hydrating serums. It’s a simple procedure, but the results can be dramatic.
  • BOTOX®: BOTOX continues to be the number-one minimally-invasive wrinkle treatment around. Essentially a muscle relaxer, BOTOX helps prevent intermittent facial creases from showing. If you’re dealing with deeper, more persistent creases, we also offer a variety of soft tissue fillers.
  • Laser Resurfacing: Laser Skin Resurfacing has come a long way! Using special light energy, we can frequently reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and more.

Summer Perfect for Minimally-Invasive Work

Many patients wonder, “When is the best time for cosmetic work?” While there’s no single answer, one Huffington Post article outlines the most popular months for cosmetic treatment. For those looking for more invasive procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery, “December is a very popular time to go under the knife,” says HuffPost. But, for those exploring these minimally-invasive treatments, summer might be just perfect. According to HuffPost, patients simply don’t want to give up their summer in recovery. And, as the article suggests, the recommended procedures for summer would be “Minor procedures only; Botox, fillers etc.” So, are you ready to make a change this summer?

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Top 5 Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Procedures

It’s no secret that summer is the most popular time for couples to tie the knot.  And, it’s no surprise that these soon-to-be brides want to look their best on the big day.  Let’s take a moment to look at a few cosmetic procedures this year’s summer brides will be choosing.

Cosmetic procedures are helping countless women walk down the aisle with confidence and grace.  Here is our list of the Top 5 Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Procedures:

  1. BOTOX®: BOTOX Injections continue to be the number-one cosmetic procedure in the US.  BOTOX, which is essentially a muscle relaxer, works to prevent intermittent facial creases, such as “smile lines.”  For deeper, more persistent wrinkles, fillers are often the better option.
  2. Soft Tissue Fillers: Fillers like JUVÉDERM®work by “filling in” the valleys of creases.  And, while fillers aren’t a permanent solution, in general, their results can often be seen for up to several months.
  3. Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments for treating the appearance of sun damage, scarring, wrinkles and other unwanted skin problems.  During the procedure, we use a stream of fine particles to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.
  4. Laser Resurfacing: Laser Skin Resurfacing is one of the most versatile procedures around.  Using special light energy, we can treat the appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, crow’s feet, brown spots, blotchiness and more.
  5. Lip Enhancement: While implants may have been the only option in the past, we can now achieve Lip Enhancement using a filler like Restylane®.  And, as its website reminds us, “Restylane is the first and only FDA-approved dermal filler for lip enhancement in patients over 21 years.”

And, to make sure all you brides are ready for the big day, we are also hosting a 3-day injection event.  Click Here for more information.

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Tanners Beware! How Tanning Can Affect Appearance

If you’ve turned on the TV lately, you’ve seen that we’ve become a culture obsessed with tanning.  This has become even more of a concern in light of the recent “Tanning Mom” story that’s been on the news recently.  And, while bronze skin can certainly be aesthetically pleasing, there are serious risks involved.

First and foremost, there is the risk to your health.   In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, “Long-term exposure to artificial sources of ultraviolet rays like tanning beds (or to the sun’s natural rays) increases both men and women’s risk of developing skin cancer.”  Now, if the increased risk of developing skin cancer isn’t enough to keep you out of the tanning bed, here are a few cosmetic reasons to boot.

Tanning works by exposing the skin to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.  And, while UV rays can create a glowing tan, they can also damage the skin’s elastin and collagen.  These are the proteins in your skin that keep it “springy” and elastic.  So, what does that spell for you?  Wrinkles.   Secondly, there’s the issue of age spots, which are one of the biggest red flags when it comes to premature aging.  Although these spots are often not medically dangerous, they can certainly be unsightly.

Correcting the Damage

Of course, your health should be your number-one concern.  If you find any new, changed or otherwise suspicious growths or rashes, consult with a physician right away.  If your issues are cosmetic, on the other hand, rest assured that there are a variety of treatments available that may be able to help.

When it comes to facial creases, there are several wrinkle treatments available.  The most popular, by far, would be BOTOX® or a dermal filler.  BOTOX works essentially as a muscle relaxer, preventing intermittent creases from forming.  Fillers like JUVÉDERM® are better suited for deeper, more persistent creases.  These work by “filling in” the valleys of wrinkles.

In cases of sun damage, there are also several treatments available.  One of the most effective is Laser Skin Resurfacing.  During the procedure, light energy is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, resulting in a smoother, more even skin tone.  This is a simple procedure with big results.

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The Next Step | Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

You’ve lost the weight.  You’re feeling good. But, you’re not happy with what the weight loss left behind.  Perhaps it’s excess skin, sagging breasts or simply a case of exercise-resistant fat.  Whatever the issue, take a moment to consider this:  What’s the next step?

If you think cosmetic surgery might be right for you, take a look at these popular plastic surgeries after weight loss:

  • Breast Lift: Like other parts of the body, the breasts can sag following weight loss.  Breast Lift Surgery aims to correct this. During the procedure, we will trim excess skin and tighten supporting tissues to achieve an uplifted, youthful contour.  A breast lift is also a common component of a “mommy makeover.”
  • Body Lift: In cases of extreme weight loss, Body Lift Surgery is a common cosmetic solution.  The goal is to remove excess skin from the torso and upper legs. During the procedure, the skin is lifted, muscles are tightened and fat is removed where necessary.  Although this is an extensive procedure, many patients find it well worth their while.
  • Liposuction: While diet and exercise might be enough for some, others find that they are suffering from persistent, exercise-resistant fat.  In these cases, liposuction can often be the best option.  The procedure uses a special suction tool to permanently remove fat from the abdomen, thighs and many other sites on the body.  Following weight loss, liposuction can be that little boost to help achieve your cosmetic results.

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