Cosmetic Surgery for the Vagina Increases in Popularity

It is often assumed that individuals are most concerned about having plastic surgery on the parts of their bodies that are highly visible.  However, individuals often choose plastic surgery as a result of their own feelings about their bodies and not what others think. The latest phenomenon in plastic surgery seems to be true to this ideology. Individuals are opting to have reconstructive surgery on their vaginas.

The Female Body Image and Unique Plastic Surgery

Women may feel as though their labia are unusual in size or shape. They may compare themselves to other women they know, or those that they see in images. Women may not realize that there is no “normal”, or they simply may not have the look they desire for themselves. Effectively, the same thought processes apply to the vagina as well as any other part of the body.

Plastic Surgery for Personal Reasons

Women choose plastic surgery for a variety of personal reasons, as with vaginal plastic surgery.To discuss your needs, contact us.

Is Plastic Surgery the Way to Spiritual Satisfaction?

Celebrity Heidi Montag is perhaps better known for her seeming addiction to plastic surgery than for anything else.  At the age of 23, the already attractive Montag famously underwent a staggering 10 procedures in a single day. But can we consider her quest for bodily perfection to be a spiritual one? A recent article ponders this question.

Suffering for Perfection

While many people consider plastic surgery to correct specific bodily issues, most of us would likely draw the line at just one or a few procedures. And although we might agree that moving our bodies closer to our ideals provides a measure of happiness, would we really claim to be more spiritually satisfied? It’s hard to say. Physical suffering has long been affiliated with spiritual piety, and this is the connection made by Montag and others, while admitting that “it’s what’s inside that counts.” On the other hand, as a culture we do place great value on physical appearance, so perhaps, as the article suggests, we bear some responsibility for encouraging the surgery-obsessed.

Make Sure That Surgery is Right for You

While we can’t promise that plastic surgery will fulfill your spiritual needs, there’s no denying that looking your best can help make you happier and more confident. Contact us for a consultation, and find out if plastic surgery is right for you.

What is the Right Age to Get Plastic Surgery?

The United States is currently witnessing a growing discussion about bullying among school-aged children, with many high-profile celebrities stepping up to speak out about this harmful phenomenon. Nonetheless, increased peer pressure has led to younger and younger people signing up for plastic surgery. A recent high-profile instance saw a girl of 13 getting a nose job in response to online taunts from her classmates. But how young is too young?

A Guide to Age-Appropriate Procedures

In a recent article, a number of notable plastic surgeons in the UK weigh in on the appropriate age at which to consider various plastic surgery procedures. Needless to say, the optimum age varies from patient to patient, but also from procedure to procedure. In the article, the doctors discuss procedures ranging from Botox injections (ideal age: 35+), to rhinoplasty (ideal age: 20+), to laser reduction of age spots (ideal age: 50+). The important deciding factors often have to do with bone growth and skin elasticity, and in general the body’s ability to most successfully incorporate the surgery.

Considering Surgery Yourself?

As noted, the right age very much depends on both the procedure and the patient’s individual body. If you’re considering plastic surgery, contact us to discuss your needs and find out what’s right for you.

Movie Explores the Future of Plastic Surgery

A new movie that is about to hit theaters will explore a different side of plastic surgery. It may cause viewers to question the future of the industry. “The Skin I Live In” is a movie starring Antonio Banderas.

The actor plays a plastic surgeon who decides to create a fire retardant substitute for skin after his wife passes away due to burn symptoms.  The movie has a rather dark tone as the doctor featured is deeply troubled. However, it does also shed light on where medicine may be heading. The movie shows the main character traveling to numerous conferences as he experiments with recent medical technology in his personal lab.

It is a theme that may have seemed far-fetched a decade ago. Today, with successful face transplants and other major medical breakthroughs occurring, it is not so unrealistic.

Whether you love or hate the movie, the commentary about the plastic surgery field is undeniable.

Discussing Modern Medicine

To learn about the latest techniques we use in our cosmetic procedures, contact us.

Plastic Surgery Gives Man Super Powers?

There are a variety of personal reasons why people choose to have plastic surgery. For most, it is about increasing self-confidence and attaining their ideal body image.  In some cases, individuals have unique views of what their ideal is. This week, one individual demonstrated how different ideals can influence plastic surgery decisions.

A man in the Philippines, Hugo Chavez, has had numerous plastic surgery procedures to make himself look like Superman. He is now 35 years old and began his journey to become more like superman at age 25. To date, he has had surgery on his thighs, lips and chin. Plus he has had injectables to make the skin on his face smoother and tighter as well as skin lightening procedures. He plans to have procedures to increase the muscular definition in his abdominal area in the near future.

Plastic Surgery for Your Fulfillment

Everyone has different goals when they choose plastic surgery. Come in and discuss yours.