Adjustable Breast Implants Part of Plastic Surgery's Future?

There has been some hype (and controversy) recently about the idea of using adjustable implants that allow individuals to change the size of their breasts after plastic surgery. The idea is to allow women to change their minds with regards to size 3 to 6 months after their initial breast enhancement procedure. The technology is similar to what is used on a temporary basis on women who have mastectomies.

The idea behind this is that so many individuals get conservative- sized implants only to determine after that they would have liked larger ones. Swapping out the implants for a bigger size then means another invasive surgical procedure. In order to increase the size of the implants, there is a tiny port inserted under the skin. This allows a surgeon to use a needle to insert more saline or remove some.

The procedure is controversial due the potential risks of leaving ports in for 6 months then removing them. However, there are some in the industry that also argue that it leaves patients with a greater level of satisfaction.

What do you think about the idea of adjustable implants?

Professional Breast Enhancements

Adjustable breast implants may be common in the future, but are not standard now. Contact us to explore your additional options for a breast enhancement.

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Miss Universe Drama a Result of Plastic Surgery Rumors?

It seems that it wouldn’t be a Miss Universe pageant without a good scandal, and this year, the issue relates to plastic surgery. Jennifer Hawkins, crowned 2004′s Miss Universe, was gossiped about by this year’s Miss Australia, Scherri-Lee Biggs. She accused Miss Universe of having “too much plastic surgery” and essentially being a bad role model to the young women that look up to her.

Although drama is not uncommon in the pageant world, this gossip was more surprising since Hawkins isn’t even a part of this year’s competition as she was crowned the winner during the last one.

The Plastic Surgery Debate in the Pageant World

There is some debate about how women should be representing themselves physically when participating in a pageant. Some believe that a competition based on looks (primarily) should assess natural beauty only.  As a result, those that choose to help enhance their looks fall under scrutiny.

However, in this circumstance the individual making the accusations has allegedly tried to reach out and apologize to the former Miss Universe. She claims that she was misinterpreted and never meant to be malicious.

Deciding on Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery should always be a personal choice, and the decision to go under the knife should not be influenced by outside pressures. If you are ready to make the decision to have a procedure for yourself, contact us!

UK Big Brother Star Developed a Six Pack Through Surgery

There has been a lot of attention placed upon a celebrity Big Brother star due to the pronounced six-pack that he has been displaying. This in itself may not sound overly impressive, but what makes him unique is that he still has a fairly hefty body structure.

Six Pack Without Weight Loss?

Big Brother star Darryn Lyons, an Australian that participated on the UK show, has a body contour procedure done which is not yet available in the United States. Ultrasound and other technologies are used in this procedure in order to remove fat from between the muscles to ensure that they are more visible.  It is a long procedure – about 5 hours on average – and the recovery period is many weeks.

The controversy in this instance surround the fact that doctors should promote healthy lifestyle to get results before performing surgery. Based on body proportions, it would appear that in this circumstance, the only weight dropped was due to the procedure.  Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is an interesting concept and an great story.

Discuss Your Options for a Better Six-Pack

While this particular procedure may not be offered in the United States, we may have other solutions if you come in for a consultation.