Addressing the Perception that Plastic Surgery is for the Lazy

For decades, there are some people that have held the perception that plastic surgery is for individuals that just don’t want to make an effort to “fix” their perceived problems. This stereotype is attached to a negative connotation about plastic surgery.

The Truth About Plastic Surgery

In the context of the stereotype that plastic surgery is an alternative for the lazy, the following should be considered:

  • Many plastic surgery procedures require fairly extensive recovery that can be painful. Individuals may have to alter their habits for months. As a result, it should be clear that the plastic surgery option isn’t simply easier than other alternatives.
  • Individuals that are candidates for plastic surgery must be healthy overall.
  • Some individuals that are active and healthy can still have issues with their bodies that cannot be addressed naturally.

Choosing Plastic Surgery

The above should teach you that plastic surgery is not an “easy way out”.  Plastic surgery is a big, life-changing decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Contact us if you are thinking about plastic surgery.

Katie Holmes May not Have Plastic Surgery

Hollywood is a town that’s focused on appearances, and many celebrities choose plastic surgery to ensure that they always appear young and attractive. There are some celebrities that claim that plastic surgery may not be right for them. Katie Holmes, for example, admits that her body is already changing (although she is only 32) and although plastic surgery is not right for her today, it is clear that her thoughts may change in the future. However, the starlet does mention that she won’t ever choose to have her lips done as her “sisters would kill her”.

Other celebrities like Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker claim that they will not be having plastic surgery – ever.  Their reasons for this are interesting. They both claim that most people that have plastic surgery do not attain their goal of looking younger. They claim many look older after they have gone under the knife.

That can be true of those that do not choose a quality, reputable plastic surgeon. It is possible that as these women age in ways they don’t like, they will be influenced by positive examples of plastic surgery around them.  It could lead to a change of heart about plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Results Suited to the Stars

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Kris Jenner Unveils Facelift for Kim's Wedding

The Kardashian sisters are regularly making headlines – sometimes as a result of their personal lives, other times due to speculation that they have had plastic surgery. Kris Jenner, mom and manager to the Kardashian sisters makes fewer headlines, but recently, she has become a focus of major media attention. This is because Kris Jenner appears to have had plastic surgery.

It is no secret that her husband, and former Olympian, Bruce Jenner has had a facelift, and it appears as though she has followed in his footsteps. With daughter Kim’s wedding coming up this summer, Kris has allegedly had a facelift and recent photos of her seem to support that theory. The results of her surgery are very positive, as the look is subtle – Kris simply looks as though she’s a more refreshed version of herself. Undoubtedly, this is the look that Kris was hoping for as she will be extensively photographed during Kim’s wedding.

As most of the family’s life is photographed for E!, it is likely that Kris’ surgery will appear on an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Improving Your Look with a Facelift

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Megan Fox Dispells Botox Rumors

Celebrity Megan Fox is not new to the plastic surgery rumor mill. Her facial appearance has changed in recent years, which has lead to extensive speculation about what she has had done. The most recent rumors about this young starlet have been questioning whether or not she has been having Botox despite her young age.  Typically celebrities take to the media to deny any speculation, but Megan Fox has chosen to use social media instead.

Megan Fox Says “You Can’t Do That With Botox”

Megan Fox took to her Facebook page and posted a series of photos showing that her face does all the things you typically can’t with Botox. Within about 24 hours, more than 65,000 people liked the album, which definitely got the point out there quickly!

Megan Fox has said in the past that she is not opposed to plastic surgery, but that she has not yet decided to alter her appearance, and she is still young.

Get Surgery Like the Stars

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Couples Pursuing Plastic Surgery Together

There are many plastic surgeons across the country that have reported seeing a greater number of couples coming in together for procedures than ever before. While the upturn in the economy may be partly responsible for this trend, it may also be a testament to the modern marriage.

It used to be that women were the only ones focused on looking good for their men. Today, both partners are focused on looking attractive to each other. With this shift, those looking to keep the spark in their relationship may choose to go under the knife together. Spouses may be unable to help each other recover, but they can ask for help from friends or family and do so together!

Having Plastic Surgery With Your Spouse

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