Build My Bod: iPhone App Lets Patients Price Procedures

When patients are considering plastic surgery, it is normal for them to compare the prices at a number of different practices. It can be hard to obtain this information when many practices will only provide ballpark figures when a consultation is booked. This does not always help patients come to a decision. Although cost should not be the only factor when choosing a plastic surgeon, it unequivocally plays a role.  To help patients obtain this information easily, “there is an app for that”.

A doctor recognized that there was a real need for an application that would allow individuals to explore plastic surgery prices on their own. Build My Bod is just getting started, but it intends to launch on a global scale. It would allow doctors to determine which information they’d like to make public on the application. It would allow patients to get the information they need easily so that once the knowledge of price is out of the way they can focus on looking at a doctor’s qualifications to make their choice.

Choosing Your Doctor

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What to Expect After a Facelift

Having a facelift will greatly benefit your overall appearance. It is, however, important that individuals recognize that there is a recovery process involved. Facelifts are often offered on an outpatient basis, but that does not eliminate the fact that it is still a surgical procedure.

Recovering from a Facelift

When you are going in to have a facelift, you should expect the following:

  • You will need someone to drive you home from your procedure
  • You will be in pain initially, and should have a prescription from your doctor to take as required
  • You will not be allowed to shower immediately. Typically, you must wait at least 2 days before washing your hair
  • Over the first few days, the swelling in your face may increase
  • After a couple of days of bed rest, you can become active and it is encouraged that you walk daily to boost circulation
  • You will not be able to wear makeup for a couple of weeks. Once you are healed enough to return to work or other activities, you can begin applying makeup again

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How to Detect Celebrity Plastic Surgery

The public enjoys flipping through magazines and evaluating whether or not the A-list celebrities pictured have had plastic surgery. There are some signs that reputable plastic surgeons can look for to determine whether or not a star has gone under the knife that celebrity-watchers can look for as well.

Plastic Surgery Giveaways

The following signs that can be indicative of plastic surgery are often not positive ones as they should not be visible when a procedure was completed correctly:

  1. A ‘swoosh’ – a swoosh in the neck area appears when the skin has just been pulled back horizontally towards the ears. It will not be visible immediately, but will appear later on down the road when a facelift has been done incorrectly.
  2. A ‘blended earlobe ‘ – when a facelift has been done well, the ear lobe should still appear as a separate entity. When a poor cut has been made for a facelift, it will appear as though it’s fully attached to the neck.
  3. Nasal pinching – when a nose job has been done poorly, the tip of the nose may appear too pinched. It can be obvious even when you do not know what the individual’s nose looked like previously.
  4. Heavily raised eyebrows – too much Botox can leave individuals with overly arched eyebrows that have been described as “joker-like”.
  5. Finding a Quality Plastic Surgeon

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Beginning a Plastic Surgery Makeover at Home

There is a major trend in plastic surgery with women that are choosing to go under the knife after they have had a baby. These women want to boost their confidence and get back to their pre-baby looks, and surgery can help them accomplish that. However, there are some additional things that they can do in order to determine the areas where they might require some surgical intervention.

Tips for Starting Your Mommy Makeover Non-Surgically

  • Watch what you eat – if you need to, keep a food diary to track your food intake. Ensure that your meals are well-balanced. You can indulge provided that moderation is your main focus.
  • Get active – exercise at least 4 days a week. When you are just getting started, work at the pace that you are comfortable with and follow your doctor’s orders to ensure that you are safe to do so after giving birth.
  • Have a clothing fit session – you want to learn what best suits your body as well as what size you should be wearing. A fashion consultant can help you ensure that you are wearing clothing (and undergarments) that best flatter your body.

Learn About Your Surgical Options

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How Can You Find a Good Plastic Surgeon?

Not every American is pro plastic surgery, and that is in part because there are less than reputable plastic surgeons operating today that will not render desirable results.

How To Choose Your Plastic Surgeon

Ensure that you verify the following when choosing your plastic surgeon:

  1. Check their qualifications – don’t hesitate to ask a plastic surgeon you are considering about their specific qualifications. You will understand more about them if you know where they got their education and when. Of course, you also want to ensure that they are board certified.
  2. Ask about their history completing your procedure – you want to know what your surgeon’s experience is with the procedure you plan to have; so ask!
  3. Check out the facility – you need to feel comfortable in the medical environment. Make sure that the practice is clean and that there is a high level of patient care.

Plastic Surgeons in New Jersey

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