Schwarzenegger Gifted Plastic Surgery to His Mistress

Governor Schwarzenegger has been making media headlines thanks to his extra-curricular activities. In the past, it has been his political and acting activities that have put him in the spotlight. Now, it is his personal life that is under fire. Recently, it came out that Schwarzenegger had an affair with his housekeeper a couple of decades ago. He fathered her baby, but new reports indicate that a child is not all he gave her.

Schwarzenegger Encouraged Plastic Surgery

It has since come out that Schwarzenegger also paid for his mistress and her daughter to have plastic surgery. According to reports, he allegedly paid to have breast augmentations done on both women and lip injections for his mistress. It has not been revealed when these surgeries took place.

This is the first brush that the former California governor has had with plastic surgery rumors, although they do not relate to his own appearance.

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Correlation Between Retirement and Plastic Surgery

Google recently unveiled a brand new tool called “Correlate”. This tool¬† allows you to compare two different search terms to see how they correlate with each other. This information can provide valuable insight about your target audience and it also provides essential information about trends.

Forbes recently reported that Google Correlate outlines that there is a clear trend between search terms “retirement” and “plastic surgery”. There are a number of explanations for this.

The Link Between Retirement and Plastic Surgery

There are a number of reasons why Google may find a link between retirement and plastic surgery:

  • Aging is no longer considered the end of a life. Seniors consider retirement a time when they have a whole new lease on life.
  • With many years to enjoy their Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether, for an prefers to initiate rather than to complete. lives, seniors want to reinstate their confidence.
  • Many seniors are looking for love after they”ve experienced a loss and want to look their best.
  • Today”s seniors are living longer. They don”t want to think of age 65 as old, nor do they want to look like they are.

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Men Overseas Admit to Plastic Surgery for Career Progression

Men are not known for their vanity, but the reality is that they worry about their appearances the same way that women do. In fact, a recent report has indicated that Botox has become very popular with men overseas who want to look younger. These individuals are not doing so simply to improve their appearance for themselves, they’re choosing surgery for their careers.

The Hospital Group in Ireland has reported that there are a larger number of older men visiting Botox clinics who claim to be preparing for job interviews. They have also indicated that these individuals worry about their younger competition. Men have particular drive to achieve in their careers and it is clear that they will go to any lengths to get there.

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What's the Scoop on Bristol Palin's Plastic Surgery?

Bristol Palin has been thrust into the public eye thanks to her mother’s political career, the media attention she’s attracted as a young mother, and her stint on Dancing With the Stars. Most recently, the media has been focusing on her again due to apparent facial changes.

Bristol Palin’s Rumored Plastic Surgery

There has been speculation that Bristol has had plastic surgery as her jaw area appears more chiseled. While some individuals have speculated that she had a chin reconstruction, or liposuction around the jugular area, Bristol claims it was medical necessity. She admits that she did have surgery, but that it was so her “jaw and teeth could properly realign”.

Bristol does also admit that she is happy about the changes she sees as a result of this necessary surgery. She says that she finds she looks older and appreciates that she’s lost some ‘baby fat’ around her neck.

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School Bullying Council Speaks Out About Teen Plastic Surgery Trend

According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website, there were almost 220,000 surgeries in 2010 on patients between the ages of 13 and 18. A large number of these cosmetic surgery patients are assumed to have gone under the knife due to self-consciousness about their appearance.

Today, bullying is a major issue so it should be no surprise that these statistics are on the radar of the School Bullying Council. This is a controversial issue in general, but the controversy applies in the field of plastic surgery as well. This is because plastic surgeons try and provide permanent services only to those that have carefully thought through their decisions and are doing it for the right reasons.

It could be debated whether children choosing plastic surgery are doing it for themselves. While it could improve their day-to-day interactions if they are victims of bullying, it is not for the right reasons. Outside pressures encouraging adolescents to have plastic surgery means that their motivations are not the right ones.

Parents need to provide authorization for teens that are considering plastic surgery provided they are under 18.  This means that they have the opportunity to learn about the intentions of their children before agreeing to allow them to have surgery.

Gaining Confidecnce with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can help transform people from the inside out. However, this is only true when it is done for the right reasons. If you or someone in your life is ready to go under the knife, contact us today.