Restylane Approved for Lip Augmentation

Restylane is a popular filler used in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. This dermal filler was approved for this type of use in 2004 and has been used by plastic surgeons around the world ever since. As this filler binds with water, its effects last an expended period of time, which is one benefit that patients appreciate. Recently, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved Restylane for another use.

Restylane As a Lip Filler

Individuals that desire fuller lips have used fillers injected by a plastic surgeon to achieve this. Restylane was just approved by the FDA for this type of use, which is sure to increase its popularity with patients even more.  Restylane is unique compared to other fillers offered for this purpose. This is because it is the only hydraulic acid dermal filler available for use in the lips.  When it has been used to treat wrinkles, it offers both structure and lift; two characteristics that are important for lip injections as well.

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Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day

With Easter now over, the next holiday to start planning for is Mother’s Day. This year, with the popularity of plastic surgery growing, the media has been picking up on the ideea of plastic surgery as a Mother’s Day gift.

Is Plastic Surgery for Mother’s Day the Right Choice?

The notion of giving someone you love their confidence back is a nice thought. However, you do need to proceed with caution before proposing this gift to your mother, because:

  1. She may take your suggestion the wrong way – if your mom has never voiced interest in plastic surgery, or implied she would like to fix a perceived flaw, she may not appreciate your gift idea. Before you even consider paying for plastic surgery, ensure it is her idea.
  2. Plastic surgery should be for the right reasons – gifting plastic surgery may put pressure on your mom to go under the knife without much forethought. The decision to have plastic surgery is appreciated long-term when the choice is made carefully.
  3. Ensure you are not stepping on anyone’s toes – a gift of this size and generosity makes a statement. Make sure the idea will be well-received by those closest to your mother.

Giving the Gift of Plastic Surgery

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Is Plastic Surgery After Divorce a Good Idea?

According to a study by The Transform Cosmetic Group in Great Britain, more than a quarter of patient are women that have recently been divorced. These women are looking for a fresh start to their lives (much like Sandra Bullock and her rumored plastic surgery). They are reinventing themselves and their image, looking to form a new identity. There are some pros and cons about this motivation for plastic surgery.

Pros of Plastic Surgery After Divorce

Some of the benefits of plastic surgery after device include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Opportunity for reinvention
  • Time for recovery without relationship commitments

However, there are also a few cons.

Cons of Plastic Surgery After Divorce

The cons of plastic surgery after divorce are dependent upon the motivations of a newly divorced woman. They can include:

  • Women may simply be getting surgery for revenge upon their ex-spouse by improving their looks. This may mean they aren’t actually doing it for themselves
  • They may feel they want to fix their insecurities and “flaws” that their ex ponited out to them
  • They may jump into the decision too quickly

Deciding If Plastic Surgery After Divorce is Right for You

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Chinese Writer Wants Plastic Surgery to Look Like Shakespeare

We regularly come across unique stories about plastic surgery and the motivations that cause people to go under the knife.  The latest story is about a man in China who wants to transform himself to make history come alive again. This individual is a best-selling Chinese author who is known for being controversial. He’s taking that image to new levels with a desire to transform himself into Shakespeare.

Zhang Yiyi, a writer, plans to spend a million yuan (the equivalent of $153,500 USD) on 10 different procedures. His surgeon says he already has some resemblance to the playwright with the shape of his eyes and nose. However, work to the chin, eye area, and other parts of the face is also planned. One surgery will take place each month over ten consecutive months. The patient will be required to have many additional checkups in between as well.

Plastic Surgery for Publicity

This decision is getting negative press in China as the public thinks this is a bad publicity stunt. No one seems to believe that he has chosen to look like Shakespeare because he admires the look – they think it is about a need for attention only.  If this is the case, the author may regret his decision in the future.

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Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentations

You may have heard about the latest craze in plastic surgery  overseas – rapid recovery breast augmentations. This procedure has been heavily featured in the media for a few reasons. Firstly, it promises a recovery time that is substantially faster than traditional breast augmentations. Secondly, there are people questioning if in fact it is safe for individuals to become active again so quickly after a serious surgical procedure.

Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentations: The Next Trend?

Rapid recovery breast augmentations are said to be less invasive. Surgeons claim to map out a pattern of the major blood vessels in order to avoid them when incisions are made. This ensures there is less trauma  to the body making it possible for individuals to resume normal activity quickly.  As a result, this type of procedure may be a trend that we see again in the future. However, it is believed that there are substantial risks.

Risks of Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation

Surgeons that offer rapid recovery breast augmentation say that it’s possible to return to some regular activity the same day. Taking a shower, for example, is recommended although this is something that cannot occur so soon after traditional surgery.  Other surgeons worry that this promise may cause patients to push themselves too hard to return to their normal activities and that it may cause them to tear out their stitches, develop an infection, or experience other complications that result due to insufficient recovery time. Individuals may also take insufficient care of their incision sites due to the belief that the surgery is not severe. These risks do not make the surgery too dangerous, provided patients are careful and surgeons are diligent in providing thorough care instructions to them.

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