A New Trend in Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Procedure Center Gift Cards

As we say goodbye to the holiday season, it looks as though a new trend has cropped up and it might just be one to stick around. Gift cards have been the number one gift for the past few years because they allow people to use money provided to choose a gift that they truly need or want. Cosmetic procedures can be costly, and for many American men and women, plastic surgery falls at the top of their wish list. So it only makes sense that gift cards and that world of plastic surgery would collide eventually!

Those providing plastic surgery gift cards have them work the same way as a gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. The person buying grabs a card and loads it with any amount they’d like. They can choose a flat amount randomly, or calculate the funds required for a specific cosmetic procedure, like a Botox injection.

Plastic surgery as a gift in other scenarios has been a source of controversy (for example, overseas where plastic surgery is being used to reward students for completing their University applications), but this format still allows more freedom of choice, so it’s sure to be better embraced!

Tips for An Easy Plastic Surgery Recovery

Plastic surgery recovery can be stressful if you don’t know what to expect and haven’t planned ahead. You should talk to your doctor about specific recovery tips based on the procedure you’ve had done, but in general, there are a few things you should know that will reduce your stress level and make plastic surgery recovery as easy as possible:

  • Know that you won’t see the final results immediately – it’s not uncommon to look worse before you look better and see the true results of your cosmetic surgery. Once healing begins and the swelling and bruising begins to fade the positive results will show!
  • Find out when you’ll be allowed to take a shower or bath – patients find it tempting to come home and jump straight into the shower in order to wash away the hospital scents, but it’s not typically safe to do so right away. For some procedures, you may be allowed to take a shower or bath within a day or two, and with others it can be a week. Make sure you find out before doing something that could compromise your recovery.
  • Elevate your head – if you’ve had facial surger, keeping your head elevated for the sake of circulation can improve healing time and reduce the likelihood of complications.
  • Check with your doctor to ensure that your natural medications are safe – if you take vitamins or herbal medications, you should check with your doctor to ensure they’re safe after surgery. Just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they can’t be harmful!
  • Use sun protection – it’s important to protect sensitive surgical sites from the sun so stay covered up or use sunscreen in exposed areas.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Makes Trend Predictions for 2011

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as released its predictions for the industry in 2011 and it looks like they’re expecting it will be a very favorable year! With the economy improving, in 2011 individuals will have more opportunity to seek procedures that will improve their bodies aesthetically. Some of the ASAPS’s specific predictions include:

  • It’s expected that there will be even greater demand for facial rejuvenation surgery as the economy is improving. The demand for non-surgical facial procedures may also rise, but as these have been more affordable alternatives during the economic downturn for many individuals, the increase may not be as drastic.
  • New injectables will be created and the current technologies will evolve creating demand.
  • There will be a demand for procedures following dramatic weight loss due to society’s increased focus on health that’s expected for 2011. Body contouring, abdominoplasty and other procedures will be sought after.
  • Baby boomers that got breast implants in their 20s may choose to have an implant replacement or a breast lift to improve the look of them following age-related changes.
  • Cosmetic surgeons will continue to explore other options for fat removal that are less invasive than liposuction.
  • There will be a substantial number of botched surgeries in 2011 due to patients visiting under-qualified doctors or illegally obtaining injectables to use at home.
  • There will be a diverse group of people that turn to plastic surgery as seen in recent years.
  • There’s so much talk about the butts of celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez that more patients will seek posterior body lifts and other buttocks augmentation procedures to improve their assets!

If any of these specific predictions are true of you, contact us to discuss your plastic surgery needs!