Heidi Montag Claims Plastic Surgeon Pushed Her Surgeries

Recently, it seems as though Heidi Montag has had a lot to say to the media, and her latest tactic to get back into the spotlight has been to speak out about Dr. Frank Ryan; the plastic surgeon who completed her 10 surgeries before he passed away.

The reality star spoke to ABC this week and said “I definitely think I should have been more informed. I think that doctors should really walk you through all aspects of it, not just the glamorous side of it.” The blame of course cannot simply be passed upon a doctor, as its been rumored that Montag got the procedures to boost her career which is now floundering.

This new proclamation from Heidi Montag has not come as a surprise to those in the world of entertainment. However, it does also emphasize the importance of talking to your doctor about any concerns that you may have when you’re contemplating plastic surgery and ensuring that any decision you make is for you.

Certainly, this statement will not be the last to come from the former reality star.

South Korea Encourages Students' Education With Plastic Surgery

There’s a new plastic surgery trend in South Korea that makes what’s been hitting the news in North America recently seem tame. While many have spoken out in opposition against the show BridalPlasty, a reality contest where the grand prize is cosmetic surgery, in South Korea, something even more extreme than that has been happening. A common trend has been to reward students for taking their University entrance exams by providing them with plastic surgery; now cosmetic surgeons are encouraging this by offering students discounts for their accomplishments.

Students that have yet to even take their entrance tests are signing up to have cosmetic procedures done since many practices are offering large discounts. Procedures that give young Koreans a more “Western” appearance are most common. Other cosmetic surgery offices are offering procedures to parents. It’s believed that parents put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into helping their children reach their goals, and due to this stress, they need assistance in improving their appearance with Botox, for free!

Plastic surgery was once a luxury only available to those that can afford it. Now, it’s being given a way as a prize. Do you think this trend beginning both within the United States and overseas is a positive one?

Are There Real Risks of Having Plastic Surgery?

When it comes to plastic surgery, there are people on two sides of the spectrum – those that are pro-surgery and those don”t believe in it. When there are two clear sides for an argument, it”s easy to get caught up in the hype and misunderstand the real facts. Plastic surgery, even when performed on an outpatient basis is a serious medical procedure and this means that it isn”t free of risk. However, the risks and complications associated with plastic surgery are not very extensive.

In order to understand how widespread plastic surgery complications are, it”s important to look at the statistics.

  • Out of 40,000 people, only 0.05% experience serious complications. There are greater risks associated with non-cosmetic surgical procedures, including those that are elective
  • Mortality rates from plastic surgery are extremely low. Out of 57,000 people included in a case study, there was only one death. Serious complications that develop following plastic surgery cannot always be attributed to casino jeux casino. the procedure either, as there are other factors to consider.
  • Other factors put individuals at risk for more serious complications following plastic surgery. Individuals who are overweight, that smoke, that have a history of cancer, or that have disorders with the lungs or nervous system are are at a higher risk.

There are risks with any surgical procedure, and patients need to understand these by discussing them with their doctor. It”s important to answer all questions about medical history honestly in order to have the risk factors reduced.